Year-Round Immune Support with IMMUSE

Each day your immune system works overtime to protect the health of your body, fighting back against free radicals created by lifestyle and environmental factors.

Having a robust immune system is crucial for staying healthy and optimizing your daily performance. However, immune challenges can be unpredictable. And your body’s natural defenses can weaken due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress and fatigue, allergies and even intense exercise.

Protect the health and vitality of your immune system with IMMUSE (LC-Plasma) — an exciting new dietary and food ingredient clinically shown to stimulate immune function at the cellular level for system-wide immune support.

An immune activator, IMMUSE helps get and keep your immune system ready and functioning optimally for year-round health when taken regularly.*

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Your Immune Advantage

The latest breakthrough in immune health, IMMUSE is a cutting-edge postbiotic that activates multiple types of immune cells for stronger immune support you can rely upon 365 days a year.*

Benefits of IMMUSE

A frenzied day at work? Didn’t get enough sleep? Training hard for your next big race? Don’t risk running down. Give your body the strong immune support it deserves with IMMUSE.

Backed by 29 published studies, IMMUSE provides unprecedented immune support by activating a rare subset of immune cells, called pDCs (plasmacytoid dendritic cells), which act as leaders of the immune system.


For Science-Backed, Clinically Researched Immune Support, Look for Products Containing IMMUSE.

Where to Find

Manufacturers and formulators love the more practical benefits of IMMUSE (LC-Plasma), including its stability and flexible formulation.

IMMUSE is a pure, non-GMO, allergen-free, and patent protected dietary supplement ingredient that can stand alone or be combined with any number of ingredients for added health benefit.

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