What is IMMUSE Postbiotic?

IMMUSE is a unique, patented strain of lactic acid bacteria (microorganisms commonly used in food fermentation) scientifically known as Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (or LC-Plasma) that stimulates multiple types of immune cells for more comprehensive immune support in a single ingredient.

However, it’s not a probiotic like most lactic acid bacteria. IMMUSE is a postbiotic, an exciting new category of biotics shown to provide health benefits to the body. In this case, an added level of protection and revolutionary immunity support thanks to LC-Plasma’s novel mechanism of action.*

Backed by 30 published studies, including 15 human trials, IMMUSE has been clinically shown to safely stimulate immune function at the cellular level for more dynamic and robust responses — preparing your body’s natural defense system to protect your physical health.

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A Unique Mechanism of Action for Immune Support

IMMUSE has a completely new mechanism of action for immune support, setting the ground-breaking ingredient apart from all other immune health supplements.

LC-Plasma is the first bacteria strain clinically shown to activate a rare type of immune cell called pDC (plasmacytoid dendritic cell), an important leader of the immune system. Once activated, pDCs signal the stimulation of other key immune cells involved in the innate and adaptive immune responses.

Clinical research shows that IMMUSE's novel mechanism of action helps get multiple immune cell types ready to perform their specialized roles, providing comprehensive immune support without overstimulating the immune system.

Discover the Science Behind IMMUSE

A Cutting-Edge Postbiotic

A large portion of the immune system is actually housed in the gut. More specifically, the small intestine. In fact, there are more immune cells in the small intestine than any other tissue in the body.

Microorganisms (intestinal bacteria), on the other hand, thrive in the large intestine. Most common lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) aim to restore a healthy balance of microflora in the gut by delivering live bacteria to the large intestine, thereby indirectly enhancing immune health.

IMMUSE, in contrast, is a cutting-edge postbiotic (non-viable bacteria) that strengthens your body's defense system by directly activating pDCs, which are mainly located in the small intestine.

How it Works

Within the small intestine are special areas, called Peyer’s Patches, where the majority of immune cells accumulate (including pDCs).

Once taken, IMMUSE makes its way through the GI tract to the small intestine where specialized M cells pick up the small particles and transport them into the Peyer’s Patches. The small particles of IMMUSE directly activate pDCs, subsequently stimulating multiple types of immune cells, which then circulate throughout the body strengthening overall immune defense from the inside out.

A More Comprehensive Approach to Immunity Support

While there are other immune activating ingredients on the market (conventional probiotics, beta glucans, etc.), most only offer partial immune support by acting on one type of immune cell. Mainly natural killer (NK) cells that play a role in the innate immune response.

IMMUSE LC-Plasma’s unique ability to activate pDCs results in more extensive immune system stimulation — providing a more comprehensive approach to immune support than traditional immune health products.


It's Nice to be Recognized

Kyowa Hakko USA named by Frost & Sullivan as the 2021 North American New Product Innovator in the immune health ingredient industry for its cutting-edge postbiotic, IMMUSE(LC-Plasma), and awarded Excellence in Best Practices for its commitment and investment toward clinically validating the ingredient's efficacy and safety.

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