Immune Activator for Proactive Immune Support

The latest breakthrough approach in immunity, IMMUSE is a novel postbiotic that stimulates your body's natural defenses at the cellular level for proactive immune support. An immune activator, the award-winning immune health ingredient gets your immune system ready, helping it respond quickly and effectively when needed.

IMMUSE has been the subject of over two dozen studies, including 15 human trials verifying its efficacy and safety, and has been shown to provide immune support for a healthy, stronger immune system.*

Immune support with IMMUSE

Immune Support for a Busy Lifestyle

IMMUSE provides science-backed, clinically researched immune support for people who don't have time to slow down, and want to enjoy their days off when they do.*
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Sports Nutrition with IMMUSE

Immune Support for Athletes

IMMUSE helps combat immune challenges and fatigue associated with high intensity exercise for athletes who don't want to skip a training day.*
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Sports Nutrition with VELOX

Immune Support for Productivity

IMMUSE provides consistent, comprehensive immune support for go-getters and may also promote productivity at work.*
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