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Consumer demand for immune health products is at an all-time high, and projected to continue for years to come with the global immune health supplement market expected to reach $27.6 billion by 2026.1

What's driving demand? An increasing awareness of health issues, as well as the importance of having a strong immune system, and a growing interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Market Insight

Recent consumer studies show that immune supplement users make up around 80% of all supplement users in the U.S.

Although postbiotics are a novel sector of immune health, 21% of immune supplement users are very or extremely familiar with them.

3% of postbiotic supplement users always look for branded ingredients.

Looking for Evidence

Consumers are becoming more discerning – prioritizing scientific evidence and clinical research to determine the effectiveness of immune health products when they shop for supplements to support their immune system.2 What's more, they are looking for branded ingredients, like Kyowa Hakko’s branded IMMUSE (LC-Plasma), when purchasing.3

It's Nice to be Recognized

Kyowa Hakko USA named by Frost & Sullivan as the 2021 North American New Product Innovator in the immune health ingredient industry for its cutting-edge postbiotic, IMMUSE(LC-Plasma), and awarded Excellence in Best Practices for its commitment and investment toward clinically validating the ingredient's efficacy and safety.

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Award Winning Postbiotic for Clinically Researched Immune Support

Years of Scientific Research

Published Studies

Human Trials

Clinical Efficacy Studies

Clinical Safety Studies

Backed by 30 published studies, including 15 human trials consisting of 13 efficacy studies and 2 safety studies, IMMUSE is one of the most comprehensively studied postbiotics for immune support — meeting growing consumer demands for evidence-based immune health products.

The Latest Breakthrough Approach for Immune Health

IMMUSE is a science-based, patent-protected, heat-treated postbiotic with a novel mechanism of action that stimulates immune function at the cellular level for broad range immune support.

It is the first Lactococcus bacteria clinically shown to directly activate a rare subset of immune cells called plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) that act as leaders of the immune system, recruiting, stimulating and directing other key immune cells involved in innate and adaptive immunity.

The IMMUSE Origin Story

Scientists at Kirin, Kyowa’s parent firm and worldwide leader in fermentation technology, recognized the crucial role of pDCs in immune defense and set out to discover a safe strain of lactic acid bacteria that could directly activate pDCs for more comprehensive immune support system-wide. They discovered Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma), which was then cultivated, heat-treated and patented for sale as IMMUSE.

More Comprehensive Immune Support in a Single Ingredient

Whereas most conventional immune health products activate one type of immune cell, yielding only partial immune support, IMMUSE provides more comprehensive immune support by activating pDCs that, in return, stimulate the activity of multiple immune cell types, including natural killer (NK), killer T, helper T and B cells.

IMMUSE is uniquely positioned to meet industry demands for natural ingredients that offer more comprehensive immune support, flexible formulation and ease of usability.

Easy Handling, Wide Application and Flexible Formulation





A heat-treated, nonviable strain of lactic acid bacteria (or postbiotic), IMMUSE is considered more stable than probiotics and other immune health ingredients, making it much easier to work with and more convenient to store (with a 3-year shelf life).

IMMUSE can be formulated into capsules, tablets and food as a single or multi-ingredient immune health product, and has been widely available on the Japanese health market in numerous products in the form of tablets, gummies, functional beverages and yogurts since 2012.

Key Features and Benefits

  • ➤ Wide Application: IMMUSE is a light brown powder that is freely soluble in water with no strong taste.
  • ➤ Ease of Usability: The recommended dose of IMMUSE is 100 billion cells, which can be easily formulated into multi-ingredient immunity products.
  • ➤ No Viability Issues: IMMUSE is stable at room temperature, as well as to high heat, and does not need to be refrigerated.

Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance

IMMUSE has self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in the U.S. and meets rising consumer demands for clean-label products. A series of safety data, including in vitro, in vivo and in human, have been collected. And while the recommended dose of IMMUSE is 100 billion cells, clinical safety studies confirm that there are no safety concerns associated with human intake of IMMUSE even at 5x the dose.

"The strong research associated with the ingredient, its application versatility and stringent quality standards followed by Kyowa Hakko and its parent group are vital differentiations and position IMMUSE firmly in the competitive immune health space."

- Smriti Sharma
Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan

The award-winning postbiotic is distributed worldwide by the global offices of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD, a global specialty fermentation company and a world leader in research and manufacturing of high-quality branded ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Leveraging 60+ years of product development and manufacturing expertise, Kyowa employs a quality-first approach, ensuring that our customers receive reliable, high-quality products that perform as promised. Just look for the Kyowa Quality® logo that guarantees our ingredients meet the highest purity, quality, reliability and scientific standards in the industry.

World-Class Quality. Supported by Science.

Kyowa Hakko is a world-class manufacturer of a wide range of amino acids and related compounds, vitamins and nucleic acids.

We were established nearly 70 years ago, leading the way a inventors of the world's first fermented L-Glutamic acid.

As pioneers of amino-acid fermentation, we have always strived to find new ways to provide our partner brands with the best quality products in the world.

Our patented science and processes mean we are a global leader in the development, manufacturnig and marketing of ingredients for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

Clinically-Backed Immune Health Benefits

Kyowa Hakko maintains a long-standing commitment to science and clinically validating our ingredients’ safety and efficacy. We have partnerships with top research facilities around the globe, as well as our own on-site research and development staff. In addition, we are proud members of the following organizations:


Health claims for our products are based on decades of research that have been designed to substantiate the unique and specific health benefits of individual ingredients. IMMUSE has 10+ years of scientific research behind it with 30 peer-reviewed studies, including 15 human trials consisting of 13 efficacy studies and 2 safety studies. Clinical studies have consistently and repeatedly demonstrated immune health benefits in healthy individuals, including the following claims for use:

  • IMMUSE supports immune health at the cellular level.*
  • IMMUSE supports healthy days.*
  • IMMUSE supports respiratory health.*
  • IMMUSE supports year-round health.*
  • IMMUSE provides immune support during high-intensity training.*

Strong Regulatory Guidance and Marketing Support

In addition to formulation advisory, Kyowa Hakko provides regulatory guidance on labeling functional claims on finished products, as well as exceptional marketing and technical support — ensuring the success of your next immune health product with a number of added value opportunities.

  • ➤ Sales and retail training
  • ➤ Videos and webinars
  • ➤ Research snapshots
  • ➤ Dedicated social handles
  • ➤ Digital ads in leading publications
  • ➤ Consumer website with retail links

Manufacturing partners receive a comprehensive package of customizable marketing material with everything they need to guide the successful launch of their next immune health product, including videos, infographics, eCommerce copy points and more.

Passionate about customer and end consumer education, Kyowa Hakko provides trainings, videos and webinars to their manufacturing partners, as well as consumer educational content and videos to drive consumer awareness.

Enhanced Market Penetration

The importance of consumer education and transparency are at an all-time high. Today’s consumers want to know how an immune health product supports their immune system.

Being a novel dietary and food ingredient, IMMUSE is uniquely positioned to create differentiation and enhance market penetration through educational campaigns explaining what postbiotics are, pDCs vital role in immune defense, the science behind IMMUSE, how it works, and the ingredient’s safety and efficacy.

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