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During vigorous physical activity, the brain produces a cascade of hormones that boosts energy levels, but may also tax your immune system. Evidence suggests that prolonged periods of intense training suppresses immune function, putting athletes' respiratory health at risk. It's important to give your immune system the extra support it needs during periods of high intensity exercise.

A cutting-edge postbiotic, IMMUSE (LC-Plasma) gets your immune system ready for intense physical exertion, providing unprecedented immune support at the cellular level.*

Proper recovery, including adequate amounts of rest, hydration and a nutrient-rich diet, as well as supplemental support, is essential for effective sports training. IMMUSE has been clinically shown to support exercise performance by activating the immune system, and may also help reduce subjective symptoms caused by continuous training, such as fatigue and physical deconditioning.*

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Whether you're training for your next big race or like to push yourself in weekend spin classes, give your body the immune support necessary to achieve peak performance with IMMUSE.

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