Immune System 101: Your Body's Natural Defense System

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, organs and proteins that work together to support the health of the body. Having a strong, resilient defense system not only helps you maintain good physical health, it also supports your overall well-being, impacting your quality of life.

However, our fast-paced world doesn't always lend itself to the healthiest lifestyle, and factors, such as stress and lack of sleep, can impact the health of your immune system. Given the unpredictable nature of immune challenges, it's important to proactively support your immune system, helping it stay strong and healthy (and you feeling your best!).

Say hello to IMMUSE, a unique immune health ingredient that safely activates your immune system at the cellular level for more comprehensive immune support — bridging the gap between innate and adaptive immunity (the body's first and second line of defenses).

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Innate Immunity and Adaptive Immunity

There are two types of immunity. We are all born with an inherent level of immune defense, known as innate immunity, which is preexisting. As we move through life and encounter outside stimuli, we begin to develop adaptive immunity, which is learned and acquired over time.

The innate immune response is immediate and general. Meanwhile, the adaptive immune system is constantly changing and adapting to different stimuli the body encounters, taking about 4-7 days to launch a full, strategic response. However, once a defense strategy has been learned, the adaptive immune system remembers it and responds more quickly next time.

Together, the innate and adaptive immune systems help keep us healthy in our ever-changing environments.

Basic Functions of the Immune System

One of the most essential functions of the immune system is being able to tell what is "self" and belongs in the body, and what is "non-self" and doesn't belong in the body. That said, a range of immune cells constantly patrol the body in search of anything not recognized as self.

When they encounter a stimuli that doesn't belong in the body, cells of the innate immune system quickly go to work fulfilling their unique functions in maintaining a healthy internal ecosystem. After some time, the body's first-wave of natural defenses begin to lessen and the adaptive immune response kicks in, executing specialized strategies to help reinforce support.

While conventional immune health supplements generally provide support to specific parts of the immune system, IMMUSE has been clinically shown to activate pDCs, which play an essential role in stimulating and directing the cellular activity of both the innate and adaptive immune responses for system-wide immune support.

The Vital Role of pDCs in Immune Defense