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  • Kyowa Hakko’s IMMUSE™ Postbiotic Wins Inaugural “Microbiome Modulation” Industry Award

    Kyowa Hakko USA is thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking product, IMMUSE™ postbiotic for immune health, has been honored as the inaugural recipient of the the Ingredient of the Year: Microbiome Modulation category in the esteemed annual awards by NutraIngredients-USA. Read More ›

  • Bringing Innovation to the Immune Health Ingredient Space

    Kyowa Recognized for Its Cutting-Edge Postbiotic, IMMUSE™: (LC-Plasma) Based on its recent analysis of the immune health ingredient industry, Frost & Sullivan named Kyowa Hakko USA the 2021 North American New Product Innovator for its clinically backed, patent-protected, heat-stable postbiotic, IMMUSE™: (LC-Plasma). The novel dietary, functional food and beverage ingredient is uniquely positioned to match key customer needs, including ease of usability, flexible formulation and widespread application — on top of providing more comprehensive immune support than traditional immune health ingred... Read More ›

  • Winner of the 1st STOP Infectious Disease Award

    IMMUSE™ - Based Products Continue to Receive Recognition for Contributing to People’s Health and Resiliency - Kyowa Hakko’s parent firm, Kirin Holding’s received the 1st STOP Infectious Disease Award at the 2021 Japanese Resilience Awards held by the Association for Resilience Japan. The company received the award for its discovery of Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) and achievement of “foods with functional claim” registration with the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency. Read More ›

  • iMUSE Named Product of the Year for Immune Health

    Winner of the 2021 NutraIngredient-Asia Awards for its Scientifically Substantiated and Successful Health Claims - Out of the surge of new immune health products launched in 2020, Kirin Holdings Company Limited’s iMUSE brand was named Product of the Year for Immune Support at the 2021 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards. iMUSE is the brand of finished product, which is launched by Kirin group companies. IMMUSE™ (as it is known in other countries) is the brand name of LC-Plasma, the dietary supplement and food ingredient. Read More ›

  • iMUSE Recognized Nationally for its Novel Mechanism of Action

    Recipient of Japan’s ‘Invention Encouragement Award’ for the Discovery of LC-Plasma - Kirin Holdings and Koiwai Dairy received the 2021 ‘Invention Encouragement Award’ from the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation at the 3rd Annual Kanto Region Invention Awards for their discovery of the world’s first LC-Plasma that acts on plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) — a rare subset of immune cells that act as leaders of the immune system. Read More ›

  • Say Hello to Functional Foods with Proven Immune Health Benefits

    Japan’s First-Ever Foods with Functional Claims for Immune System Support - In collaboration with Kirin Beverages, Kirin Holdings launch a series of new food products containing the IMMUSE™ Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) in 2021 after receiving the Foods with Function Claims status from Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) the previous year. Read More ›

  • High Praise for Japan’s First Foods with Functional Claims for Immune Health

    The Scientists Behind iMUSE Received the 2020 Food Immunology Award for Applied Research - In August of 2020, Kirin Holdings Company Limited’s branded iMUSE (IMMUSE™ in other countries) achieved Japan’s first-ever “Foods with Functional Claims for Immune Health,” receiving the Food Immunology Award for Applied Research from the Japanese Association for Food Immunology shortly after. Read More ›