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  • Sleep & Immune Health: Can Not Sleeping Make You Sick?

    Sleep, you know it does your body good. There’s nothing like a full night’s sleep. You feel better, look better and perform better after getting the proper rest. But did you know that getting good, quality sleep is one of the best ways to strengthen your immunity? Read More ›

  • The 3 Best Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

    As we head for cooler weather and the unofficial start of the cold and flu season, many people want to know how they can boost their immune systems naturally. And rightfully so. Your immune system is your body’s personal defense against anything harmful that’s made its way into the body. Read More ›

  • Spotlight on Functional Immune Health

    Functional immune health was the spotlight of a recent SupplySide Sponsored Intensive hosted by Natural Products Insider. Highlighting the consumer demand for diverse science-backed strategies for year-round immune health, the webinar featured presentations from ingredient manufacturers changing the landscape of the functional immune health market. Read More ›

  • 3 Essential Vitamins for the Immune System

    How Vitamins C, D and Zinc Support a Healthy Immune System When it comes to vitamins for the immune system, making sure you receive the right nutrients is imperative for healthy immune function. Like the rest of your body, your immune system works better when you’re eating a variety of whole, nutritious foods. Knowing what vitamins support the immune system, and which foods contain what nutrients, is key. Below we discuss 3 essential vitamins for immune support and how to get more of them in your daily life. (1) Vitamin C and the Immune System If you’re feeling run down or have actually caug... Read More › View Online ›

  • What are Peyer’s Patches?

    The Unique Location and Function of Your Many Peyer’s Patches The lymphatic system, which is a part of your immune system, is a network of vessels, glands, organs and tissues that work together to protect your body, remove cellular waste and maintain bodily fluid levels. Various lymphatic organs, such as Peyer’s patches, produce and release specialized white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, and other immune cells to help eliminate potentially risky material before it can cause harm to your body. The other major function of the lymphatic system is to drain extra lymph fluid – which is mostl... Read More ›

  • 3 Common Probiotics Myths

    By now you’ve probably heard that probiotics are good for your gut health. But do you know what qualifies as a probiotic? Or that different probiotic strains impact your health in particular ways? Read More ›

  • Nature and the Immune System: The Immune Boosting Effects of Trees

    Discover the Connection Between Nature, Better Health and the Immune System The scientific evidence is conclusive — spending time in nature is good for you. Just being in green spaces, like gardens, parks and forests, has been shown to lower stress, heartrate and blood pressure, while boosting the immune system and buoying your mood. According to data collected from over 140 studies involving 290 million people worldwide, exposure to nature is associated with a long list of health benefits that support longevity. The report revealed that living near or having access to open green spaces reduc... Read More ›

  • What are Postbiotics? How do They Compare to Probiotics?

    In the ever evolving world of biotics research, postbiotics have emerged as the latest nutritional strategy for supporting gut health and beyond — providing a number of key advantages over probiotics. But what exactly are postbiotics? Read More ›

  • How to Boost Your Immune System with Exercise

    Want Strong Immunity? Start Walking, According to Science It’s not a secret that physical activity is good for your health, but did you know that you can boost your immune system with exercise? It’s true. Growing evidence in the field of exercise immunology indicates that physical activity influences the normal function of your immune system. Whether for better or worse depends on the intensity and duration of exercise. How Does Exercise Boost Your Immune System? Your immune system consists of many different types of specialized immune cells that work together to protect the health of your ... Read More ›

  • Meet the Experts at IMMUSE™: Professor Dr. Colin Hill

    Kyowa Hakko’s Scientific Advisor on the Exciting World of Postbiotics Dedicated to improving lives through health sciences, Kyowa Hakko is passionate about consumer education — partnering with world class experts to disseminate complex scientific information. Professor Dr. Colin Hill is a leading scientists and thought leader in the field of gut-microbiome research, and the latest addition to the IMMUSE™ Scientific Advisory Board. As a part of IMMUSE’s team of experts, Dr. Hill will help further advance the understanding and education of postbiotics by participating in group discussions, as ... Read More ›