Meet the Experts at IMMUSE™: Dr. Heather Moday

Kyowa Hakko’s New Educational Partner Weighs in on Immune Health

As part of their ongoing consumer education, Kyowa Hakko partners with passionate affiliates who are experts in their scientific and/or medical fields. The international health ingredients manufacturer recently announced the appointment of Dr. Heather Moday as an educational partner for IMMUSE (LC-Plasma).

A board-certified immunologist and functional/integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Moday is the founder of the Moday Center where she teaches individuals how to optimize their personal environment, upgrade their nutrition and improve their stress — helping them transform their relationship to their health.

She is also the author of The Immunotype Breakthrough, in which she identifies four distinct immunotypes and offers actionable steps we can each take to prioritize our immune system to elevate our overall health.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Moday and pick her brain about immune health, nutritional supplements and why she decided to partner with IMMUSE. Here’s what the immunity expert had to say:


As a doctor of both traditional medicine and functional/integrative medicine, what does good immune health mean to you?

Dr. Moday:

It’s really about balance and resilience. I like to think of excellent Immune health, not as never getting sick but rather having an efficient immune system that responds quickly and resolves problems with very little collateral damage. This may mean that we don’t get infections frequently and that we heal rapidly. This also means speedy healing after injuries and surgeries. Other aspects of excellent immune health are the lack of misdirected and non-beneficial inflammation such as what occurs in allergic and autoimmune states.


In your expert opinion, what are the major influences on immune health?

Dr. Moday:

Although there are many, I will highlight several aspects of our day-to-day habits and behaviors that play a key role in impacting our immune health for better or worse.


Sleep is one of the most important, as disrupted and poor-quality sleep weakens immune activity and increases extra inflammation.


Stress as well has a huge impact on immune health both in a positive and negative way. Intermittent stress such as exercise, fasting and cold exposure seems to strengthen immune health over time, but chronic long-term stress can weaken immune health and has been associated with increase in diseases from cardiovascular disease to cancer.


Nutrition obviously plays a major role in creating a healthy immune response by providing antioxidants rich foods that play an anti-inflammatory response, as well as minerals, proteins, fiber and fats required for optimal gut health and a healthy skin barrier.


Lastly, having a healthy gut microbiome is central for maintaining immune health. We know that starting in childhood and through older age, a healthy microbial balance in the gut lowers inflammation, and may be preventative in allergies, autoimmune disease and cognitive decline.


In your book, The Immunotype Breakthrough, you explain that (for the most part) what our immune systems truly needs is balancing not boosting. What would you say, then, is the most important thing for a balanced immune system?

Dr. Moday:

There isn’t one magic pill that creates immune balance. I believe that multiple aspects of our lives contribute to either balance or imbalance, and it’s important for people to understand that. However, if you pay attention to supporting your gut health specifically, as well as focus on optimizing nutrition, sleep and stress you have the best chance of attaining a resilient immune system.


When it comes to nutritional supplements, what do you look for in immune health related products and ingredients?

Dr. Moday:

Products and ingredients that have solid data behind them and have shown in clinical trials to specifically improve immune health outcomes. In addition, products that people love to use, and ones they notice personal benefits from taking them in a short period of time.


What peaked your interest in IMMUSE (LC-Plasma) as an immune health ingredient?

Dr. Moday:

IMMUSE is a very unique product in a very crowded market. The importance of the gut-immune connection is so key to immune balance. Also, the fact that IMMUSE has been used in multiple products currently on the market with excellent benefits also makes it even more attractive.

The immune system affects every aspect of our health yet there’s no test to see if it’s functioning as it should. That’s why education is key and why I’m so grateful to work with a science-based company like Kyowa Hakko that prioritizes education.

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