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Recipient of Japan’s ‘Invention Encouragement Award’ for the Discovery of LC-Plasma

Kirin Holdings and Koiwai Dairy received the 2021 ‘Invention Encouragement Award’ from the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation at the 3rd Annual Kanto Region Invention Awards for their discovery of the world’s first LC-Plasma that acts on plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) — a rare subset of immune cells that act as leaders of the immune system.

About the Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation

The Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation is a public interest corporation that promotes science and technology, as well as intellectual property through: (1) the promotion of inventions; (2) the development of human resources; and (3) the dissemination and enlightenment of the intellectual property rights system.

Originally established in 1904 under the name of the “Association for the Protection of Industrial Property”, the association was renamed the “Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation” in 1947. The institutes objectives are “to encourage invention, enhance original ideas, promote the practical use thereof, and diffuse and develop the industrial property system thereby advancing science and technology, and contributing to the development of our country’s economy.”

About Regional Invention Encouragement Awards

The Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation holds local invention awards in 8 regions of the country, including the Hokkaido region, Tohoku region, Kanto region, Chubu region, Kinki region, Chugoku region, Shikoku region and Kyushu region. The aim is to encourage and nurture inventions in each region, as well as contribute to the improvement of science and technology and the promotion of local industries.

Invention awards are given for excellent inventions, ideas or designs completed in each region, commending the achievements of those who have made efforts, those who have contributed to the implementation of inventions, and those who have contributed to the guidance, training, and encouragement of inventions.

Contributing to the Health of Society

Kyowa Hakko’s parent firm, Kirin, received high praise for its series of efforts related to the discovery and implementation of LC-Plasma’s unique mechanism of action for immune health, which was born from over 35 years of research across groups.

By developing products containing LC-Plasma in easy-to-use forms such as supplements, beverages, and yogurt, and launching the ‘iMUSE’ (or IMMUSE™ in western markets) brand of foods with functional claims, Kirin is making daily immune healthcare habits convenient and accessible to the general public.

The holdings company formulated the long-term management concept "Kirin Group Vision 2027" with the aim of creating value in the fields from food to medicine, and become a leading ‘creating share value’ company in the world by promoting the development of a "health science business" that contributes to people's health.

Creating value that can be shared with customers and society, The Kirin Group will contribute to the realization of a prosperous society by expanding the new joy of "food and health" through manufacturing that looks at nature and people.

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